Saturday, December 14, 2013

Melinda Is A Radio DJ

She laughs like an earlier childhood-art
She starts like an earlier school-bus

She kisses like the new-wining wickets
She misses like the school-team crickets

She sings like romantic-engaged-rings
She dreams like gothic-dark-aged-queen

She disadvantages like wrong-hot-gossips
She mismanages like the long-lost-topics
She smiles like a bride's eyes
She shines like the high sky

She rises like the fastest tides
She fights like the darkest night

She comes like the busy sun
She learns like a baby's hands

She hugs like mother's love
She works like mother-earth

She walks like a leading art
She asks like a speaking bird
She shares like the most needed essential
She wears like the most naked original

She invests trust and honesty
She collects love and sympathy

She lives like independent diplomatic model
She thinks like psychedelic progressive metal

She's unworkable like never-written melodic-art
She's unsearchable like ever-hidden galactic-heart

She is fashionably so called Melinda
Melinda is an ultra-musical-colorful-flower
No one's ever seen her wherever or whenever
She is surfing on the air-waves of Down Under

Never shut off the FM music-line
She'll fuck you off and she'll die
She is a computerized female voices
Now, you have been deceitfully cheated
Melinda is a radio DJ, the most needed
Keep your ears get rape at work all the time
Like you make love with female robotic toy!!!

A'karikz Yannaing