Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tapping A New Girl In A Sport Car On A Highway On A Sunny Day

Even morning's no breakfast,
You still have to wake up.
Don't read back,
It's all broken pages.
Don't repeat it again,
It's all foolish history of pain.
Shut down your brain network,
It's all full with virus.
Walk along your intrinsic footpath,
It's all very poetic arts.

Calm and close your eyes,
Plant a seed of peace of mind.
Keep breathing and wait for a while,
Until you see yourself with your own eyes.

Hold your fight up where you can rely on,
Store your life at where you can apply for.
Don't quit right away,
But lift off yourself from freeway.
Place it nicely now,
And sit down on this platform.

Have a listen the songs of latest music melody.
Have a look around the greatest epic beauty.
Piss of the election by old-school-narrow-minded society
Think of the lesson by no-new-window-blinded theory
Gate it lock previously wounded out of date policy
Take a drink of currently founded up to date reality
Date a chick with who gathering the same journey.
Make a wish for traveling sea change discovery
Renew your heart with matured loveable romance.
Refuel your brain with regular workable intelligence.
Reload your machine-gun to face the new combat.
Re-hope your dreamland to build in the new sunset. 
After sex,
Do let her train your love to be tamed.
Don't delay and be prepare for a change.

One is to instruct and guide,
Another is to work and drive.
Even no more roads to anywhere,
You still have to drive on and get there.

Newborn love is the Power,
So, twin turbo cars are more faster!!!

A'karikz Yannaing