Friday, December 13, 2013

iLL Art iMMortal

Psychedelically, your smiles are dancing in my thinking
Unrealistically, your voices are musicalizing in my dream
Art about you is never been created that's what I'm remastering
The unborn existence can be seen through psychiatric medicines

I will cancel my scholarship to heaven without you
I will invade hell if you are permanently out there
I don't have to do that because you are on earth
I am on earth, so I don't love you, my dear love
For me, just be where you are is romance enough
Never get hurt, never receive love, never break up
You and I in this immortal verse called "immortal love"
That's my last seen you and farewell at the ward

After they've discharged me, I've lost you in my imagination
It's not fair I'm now unable to re-artisticallize my abstraction

I know you're waiting for me out there
I won't see you until I am again unwell

Release me now unconditionally
I don't need your psychotherapy!!!

A'karikz Yannaing