Monday, August 6, 2012


You are specialized as my faithful alphabets.
On my writing pad, you compose the great-bold-texts.
More poetic than about learning a thoughtful poem,
More progressive than outstanding God told slogan,
You are my rhyme.

You are colorized as my masterpiece painting.
On my canvas, you hug like as lovers-peace-taking.
More artful than a strings-song lyric-full melody,
More heart-full than a dream-town-epic-gold memory,
You are my rhyme.

You are mechanized as my reliable lifeline-wings.
On my flight, you run into undeniable night-wild-wind.
More higher than reigning the most longest struggle,
More wider than gaining the most strongest battle,
You are my rhyme.

A Double rhyme, A triple rhyme,
A Multiple rhyme, an essential rhyme,
A Useful rhyme, a group hold rhyme,
You are my rhyme; you are not mine.

In my sight, at my night,
Over my bones, in my tones,
In my heart, in my love,
In my mind, upon my smile,
In my goal, in my soul,
In my blood, upon my breaths,
Of my best, on my death,
From my birth-ward to my graveyard,
You are my rhyme; you are not mine.
You are everything I am.
But you are not truly I am.
You are the tunes of a poem.

As the die hard tactic against contemporary poetry,
You all believe in old school theoretical poetry.
Let me die as the dead texts out of rhyme.
Let me enjoy the best death out of time.
You are my useless rhyme out of mine.

You my rhyme, my clone, my slavery,
It can't be poetry without me.
I am the sensibility.
I myself is poetry without a rhyme.
I exist in all type of poetry at all time!

A'karikz Yannaing