Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grunge is dead; Kurt Cobain is undone!

The road-diary of long musical journey
Of a loner's whose strange local voice melody
That later became globalized symphony.
Over and undone!

No one is to be blamed but society.
A punk's own death mystery
Of a once homeless gypsy.
Over and undone!

An individualistic secretive pain
Of a hurt-loving heartless depressive memory
In the dark-wording abstract artistic poetry.
Over and undone!

Music has found as underground and original
Music sounds as independent and individual
Music is strong as progressive and professional
Music's got art.
Music of Life is simple, stable and controllable.
Over and undone!

Music went down as popular and programmable
Music went wrong as customized and commercial
Music shitted around as inharmonious and egotistical
Music's lost art.
Music of life is mixed up, messed up and uncontrollable.
Over and undone!

The gone again love forever exists
At the grave of unwritten inscription!
The born again art forever exists
In the case of forbidden expression

All is over and everything is undone!

A'karikz Yannaing