Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Human Bible We Adore And The Human Title We Hold Are Equally Given Viruses

According to the economic strategy,
From the countable local investment the uncountable global profits--

In the daily-live current reality,
Only one investment is not so sure to profit
Only one profit is never enough for unlimited greed
But only non-profit kindness is what human need
Don't worry we never fix this total wrong
Don't worry we never hit this global town

The Life rises up its flag to this whole entire the sky
The strike of struggle faces to individual space and time
The choice of battle races with personal body and mind
In the words of Ours, Yours, Hers, His, Its, One's and Mine

Self-shadow from the deepest inner part of heart
Covers its own original beauty of this earth of love
When the black selfish ego takes multiple needs
The charismatic forest takes only a single seed
We don't care about this theory that is fair
We don't share about this story that is spare

Life supplies only one way ticket to the future
Night applies only one day ahead to make it clear
Nature never make double coffin
Creator always create a trouble given
Everything we are is absolutely a single shit
Always we have to choose is confusing pick

There is only one thin two sided mirror
Between the right and the wrong forever
Ha Ha Ha, take it easy and make this nature free
The original freedom of it is in its own cage and freezes

May God Bless Himself To Death!!!

A'karikz Yannaing