Saturday, October 8, 2011

Irrawaddy Day ( 30.9.2011)

We did not save the Irrawaddy,
the Irrawaddy saved us.
Saved us from falling apart,
at the floor of mighty abyss.

As our left hand war with our right hand
while our teeth were kept biting the tongue.
As our right feet kept kicking the left one,
while the head hitting the palm.

Our thoughts were so narrow,
as we had to borrow our sorrow.
Oh No, it was the ego where it headed we did not know.

Because our eyes were blindfolded
the lips being sour and sore
while our ears waxed and flowed.

We hassled around on a ground
where we thought that we belong.
We fell down to get drown,
the greedy creature was just around.

But when we saw the glimpse of death,
our body parts all reunited.
Oh yes, our hands, our legs and of course, the head
paddled out from that abyss.

It would have been a tragedy
as we are in the misery,
let's say thank to The Irrawaddy.

Kabyar Maung (30.9.2011)