Thursday, March 10, 2011

Self-shot By Soldier With Coma

Hold! hold on Existence, let me check and think

all the d-days and zero-hours are expired
all pre-war preparations can't be discovered
not a new single out come is fresh for future
you're just marching like a lost war warrior
the gun of Life is more often jammed and heavier
friend and foe both evolutionally disappeared
all you can re-group is only your desperate failure
heading up to aimless and wasteful territory
with wounded belief and unhealthy policy
no back up troops or other useful plan B
you only guard your soul and guide your reality
military songs no longer make you be active
yes, it's time to give him back your duty to live
medals and pride are no longer attractive
yes, it's time to give him back your ability to exist
he has designed both alliance and conflict forever
he has satisfied for both enemy and friendly fire
each war history will be forgotten soon or later

Go! go on Existence, not even a battle's left to live!

A'karikz Yannaing