Thursday, May 7, 2009


A'karikz Yannaing

Just like you,
I was heavy-loaded

Just like you,
I drove ahead
On this highway,
All the destinations were unsure
All the definitions were unclear
Almost all the accelerations differed

Just like you,
I slept in that darkness

Just like you,
I had the food of tastelessness
On this highway,
I waved GOODBYE to red tale lights of memory
I said HELLO to the front lights of presency

Just like you,
I hated the police camera of lawful shits
I hated the stupid drama of awful promise
On this highway,
I used to lose all my maps
I used to lose all my bests

Just like you,
I was listening to the silence
And wondering what is really inside

Just like you,
I was looking at the emptiness
And wondering how the real MEANING look alike

Just like you,
I never looked back
I was almost empty handed.

Just like you,
I left nothing over there
I brought nothing to here

Just like you, on this highway,
On this highway, just like you,
The highway itself was just like you
You yourself was just like the highway
And I myself was also in the same way

Just like you,
I'm here and dead
Take a look at those cemetery roses
They're all nicely standard and fresh
Just like you,
Just like me,
Just like all,
Nobody wants to use them and ignore their beautifulness
Would you accept one of the roses to celebrate our death?
"Long Live This Death: Long Live Our Death:"
Just like every human history is empty and useless

A'karikz Yannaing