Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Practical Idealization

they don't know I've got a hundred dollar note in my pocket
but they do know I've got a few coins in my pocket
i travel around them in this human planet

i don't see a navy-submarine passing me by
but i do see a fighter-jet flying in the sky
i should realize that i am strategically blind

i hunt for food with my owl's eyes at night time
no luck at all because my firefly's skin is bright and shine
so i shouldn't be in a band and write the songs in rhyme

most of us want to get there early and first
so we drive in the express lane and getting stuck
sometimes, simplicity and normality are a good way to work

you say "this is not my last cigarette"
i say "this is your last pack"
tobacco company says "we are not bankrupt yet"
the government says "economy and health both collapsed"
yes! fly high, see far and don't miss around yourself

don't always obey THE DON'Ts and THE DOs
don't always stay under the previous or current rules
just write your own bible which is reasonable and new!

A'karikz Yannaing

Copyright ©2007 A'karikz Yannaing