Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Rhythmic-Echoes Of Empty-Romance"

I watched your voices gracefully fading away
Until my thought of you became silhouettes
And I caught a handful grab of fresh wind
Then, looked at them in my two hands
Attractions of your name were smiling at me
Letters of your name were dancing on my fingers
While my ten fingers were repeatedly counting them
Like left fingers composed tunes on 7 stings guitar
They saw me kissing my own hands
And gossiped around that I'm crazy
I saw the perfect beauty of our empty memories
I heard the mysterious melody that we so adored
While river of my spirit flew into ocean of your soul
And I kept the thing in mind that we all have to go
I'll let you belong my definite uncertainty
I'll inform you the rest part of my destiny
I'll see you in the purest town of eternity
Whoever open our final gate first,
Just remember the password is A.R.T.L.O.V.E!

A'karikz Yannaing