Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Melodic architecture
Built in mankind chamber

Music designed by Love
Everyone plays instrument, Heart

There are----------------------------
Useless philosophies, useful ordinaries,
United diversities, unique individuality,
Unrelated harmony, imperfect democracy,
Hyperinflation currency, bankrupted economy, 
Poor-leading autonomy, long forgotten split-family,
Under-rated-underground-depressive post-poetry,
Over-rated-commercial-songs'-uplifting melodies,
Viruses-stronghold-latest-false-promising trustworthiness 
Systematic conspiracy theories, holiest-heartless mercy,
Creator customized cursing constant head-ached theory
Gospel song and Gothic Metal combine-playing unworkable melody 
Good and evil co-governing men-forced-slaving unbalanced life duties
Mother-fucking-murdered-minded-mistreaten-mentalistic moralities  
Skillful on
friendly-fire, war-tactical-militarized-target-missing-strategies
No one helps heaven-roofing, no bodies' in hell-flooring, equally ignored!
We are freshly founded
But disunited out of dated-modernized-progressive-community,
We are deadly wounded
Be regretted out of hated-organized-gatecrasher-invasive-party,
We are healthily strongest
But been anxious out of latest-paranoid-schizophrenia-psychiatry,
Individual-freedom-fighters individually-sacrificed individual-rights
No brain knows how to unite and theorize the empowering fight
How many bullets left to aim and target at in your gun or bomb?
How many lives left to ruin and revolt out in your native home?
How many fights left to reign and rebuild up in your combat zone?
No room for upgraded monarchism, royalists their-self are the victims
No room for last hated capitalism, cronies their-self are the victims
No room for updated communism, the poor their-self are the victims
Democratically-elected-dominant-democracy dominating-democratization
Give way to hope, highway to future, sky for flag and peace-for-generation 

But we know we all believe in ultra-mega-unity
We will fall in love with peace operatic melody

We recompose it so many times
We re-correct it so many times
We rehearse it so many times
We rerecord it so many times
But, when we symphonically musicalized it,
It is still out of common melodic notes
Repeating again, lost universal high hopes
Why does peacemaking always going-broke?
How far are we patient and continually hope?

This music must be perfect in future
You and me must work hard together!!!

A'karikz Yannaing