Thursday, December 12, 2013


I will control your brand new brain
I will tattoo it permanently stain
I'm an authorized treacherous teacher
Of course, Of course,
You are an innocent-new-learner
Learn! Start to learn! Learn to Last!
Learn how I've non-instructively learned wrong
Learn how I've non-authoritatively stepped down
Learn what I've accidentally freshest found
Learn what I've incidentally recorded songs
Learn where I've purposelessly landed on ground
Learn where I've been constantly attacked down
Learn when I've unexpectedly progressed up purest fond
Learn when I've unsympathetically ganged over newest town
Learn why I've undeniably coped with imprisonment like existence
Learn why I've unreliably hoped for unbearable chance of way to exit 
Learn how I've irrestartably nonstop-worked with-
-all the time rough-tides-growing-stormy-voyage
Learn how I've irreversibly nonstop-walked along-
-all the way hard-wide-open-lonely-wild-space
After that,
Forget them all what you've learned
Forget them all how you've become
Format to be your-very-own-best
Format to be your-very-own-self
Circulate your body with your own blood
Operate your life with your own head
Upgrade your philosophies with your own numbness and intelligence
Update your networking with your own technological lost and profits
Proudly, be a policy maker to your own administration
Bravely, be an army commander to your own militarization
Never think your moment is only for a while or under longstanding
Never against your innocence is only for a child or under long-colony
Don't forget to carpenter own coffin and fund funeral fees
Try to book birthplace-cemetery and farewell to humanities
Make sure to be very happy and ready to be free---
Okay, lets solve out this stupid-life-shit-miseries
I was NOTHING to YOU and the BOOK was EMPTY
Now you've truly got a degree

A'karikz Yannaing