Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Wherever my head touches pillow for tonight is home
Wherever I own alone or with someone else is by loan
Wherever I head up undeniably for is place of tomorrow
Wherever I look toward the road there's no one to follow

Whatever I have left all behind is unformat-able memories
Whatever I have learned from is not useful for self-policies
Whatever I share with you is you always get less than 50%
Whatever I have more than I can is never think quickly to give

However I think it's quite fair that doesn't mean to be equal
However I justify is only the closest, not to be free and fair
However I block the river, it finds the way to reach to the sea
However I imagine it's peaceful and perfect but heaven is empty

Whenever I am locked I think about to break out and revolt
Whenever I have lost I stupidly count how much I have got
Whenever about to start work, time goes so fast I'm not ready
Whenever someone died I say "death took the good, too early"

That was you share everything except death
Death is not sharable
Coffin only designed for one
The one the Earth fits in

A'karikz Yannaing