Sunday, May 19, 2013


In the dark
I was thrown into a car like bus

Became a human like others at first

I don't know where is this vehicle from

Or how far the journey it has had

What I started to do is studying myself,

And around me, and further, and the rest of that

Started with Hi, Hello, A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

All that known, all that shown , all that described

You do the same no matter you like or you don't

Each thing is a machine inside machine till it broke

we speak the language that most possible

We share the knowledge that most available

Ask myself or traveling-mates "what is next stop?"

Or "Where are we going to?, these answers are lost

This is a growing and flowing life that you can't get off

On this never ending road,

There are cars that dead, cars that fixing, cars that going

Each one holds one-way-ticket to where without knowing

The coming cars from the front are heading to where we from

Wave a hand's up "Hello", we are heading to where they from

We generally know about the town they are going to hit

They generally know about the town we are going to hit

What a poor human being!

We both have failed to share it by a constant life in opposite

Are we going/coming? or Are they going/coming?

The hidden answers is no one's going or coming

We the current human are lucky to have the map for the journey

But the map only represent past history, all we get is a possibility

Crawling into unknown territory is full of unexpected uncertainties

No excuse or apology, the life we deal with, the life we feel it,

The life we directed as, the life we arrived at has no reinforcement

Rise the pride-flag up the highest you can in your days of existence

Fight the toughest work the nicest you can in your ways of techniques

We here in the dark are only for a moment, a moment of entire character

As a car inside car, as a driver inside passenger, as a passenger inside driver,

No matter what position you are in, on this road, we all are traveling visitors

Here I am as the driver, my children and my wife in the car as the passengers

Through the thick darkness wall, I control and hold the whole night and drive

Not noticing that I've arrived at my the final last stop means all my duty's done

As my car's fucked up I look back inside the car there is absolutely no one

This is perfectly peaceful cemetery

A brand new day-light is shinning

Memory in the darkness's over

Mausoleums are the only artistic architecture ever last in human culture!!!

A'karikz Yannaing