Thursday, April 18, 2013

Psycho Sailor Waves

Anchors up to sail ahead
Anchors down to take a rest
From eastern sunrise to western sunset
From North shore to South pole, from East-coast to West-coast,
From the very first outset circle to the final last horizon outermost,
You pack and handle these wide wings
You bet and gamble these wild winds
Your sailing ship of human life
against the killing fists of cruel tides

Era by era,
You colonized from local islands to global continents
System by system,
You authorized from local rivers to international water
Practically, a died hard cold fighters with red brave heart
Politically, a lined up soul-guiders with death face mask
You all the wild-waves are busy together in the divided ordinary
You all the voyagers are navy-soldiers in the united normality
In this ocean salty water of humanity

Oh, there was Titanic! Forget it!
Every human ship must sail on
There's iceberg under water! Fuck it!
This whole planet earth is blur
All you care is Christopher Columbus' reached North America

Virus Versus Anti-virus is only a waste of time
De-virus Versus Re-virus is only a race of mind
How you smile is only the face of hates
What you want is only the ace of spades
It's true Water knows water's footprints
Its true Others knows others' bullshits
It's true Waves rise together always fight and against

Life is upgrading and radicalizing the program of ocean
Life is updating and civilizing the culture of water
Life is tough taking and Capitalizing the rules of Crew
And do the wrong turn at the round turn like you have done

no one knows how tall your are
 'cause you are in the water
no one knows how honest your mind is
'cause you are floating on lies
no one knows how dangerous your psycho-deceit is
'cause you've got a strong strangest bipolar disease 
over water, upon water, under water, below water,
you are everywhere and unsure

You all are the hired waves with the borrowed souls,
In this ocean where you come and go, then get bored
In this life how you learn and grow, then get old
Day by day, one by one, today after tomorrow
You, every each ship of you have to return to the shore
The shore of Death
There you only port once!!!

A'karikz Yannaing