Friday, March 29, 2013


It can't be by its won
It is always alone
But there is nothing
How it lives is on what you give
If you don't give it, it won't exist
It is at the joint of outlaying gravities

Gravity of the blind revenge and the kind forgiven
Gravity of the voice-unspoken and the words written
Gravity of the truth so free and the fruits forbidden

Gravity of undeniable accident and enjoyable creative
Gravity of local high-violence and global nice-silence
Gravity of long-hard practices and wrong-hurt habits

Gravity of selective hide and automotive search
Gravity of the natural hate and the natural love
Gravity of very first beginning and very final last

Gravity of normal daily day and normal nightly night
Gravity of the original wrong and the original right
Gravity of one essential death and one special life

Gravity of an acceptable lost and a shareable found
Gravity of circulated way up and circulated way down
Gravity of the topless heaven and the baseless ground

Gravity of one-color-hold painting and some colorful art
Gravity of an old mono tunes and a new symphonic verse
Gravity of an isolated lonely star and a co-united universe

Gravity of self-save-individuality and well-built-community
Gravity of mathematical equations and abstract theories
Gravity of unknown majesty and well-known democracy 

If you don't make a throw
It won't take you into its hole
Religion is equal to the black holes
If there is nothing, there is no religion
If there is something, there is a religion
Black holes suck and swallow everything
Religions guard and control everything
Shit, this is all about helpless gravity
Well... F-kk your God and his mercy
I'll take good care of my own gravity
I'll be good aware of my own destiny
Gravity that don't push, gravity that don't pull
Gravity that don't kick, gravity that don't kiss
Death, open your cemetery gates right--now
Let me break my own crown to my own ground
I've traveled for a life to arrive this hell to melt down!!!

A'karikz Yannaing
29-03-2013--41st full-cemetery-moon-night