Thursday, March 14, 2013


Be strange to no strange own self-existence
This is a life-long permanent self-entertainment
By a full-time long-life self-contained-characters
Here we are in the PlayStation game as the players

Life is an accidentally free downloaded
We all gifted our-self from jailbreak-webs
To use or to be used as its bad or best at
Together use with full of the original viruses

It's looking down at the planet earth,
It's looking around the total universe,
A dot of dust found itself
The quickest, the biggest, the richest
Among a lot of dust that strong by itself
Lost in the win, lost in the lost, lost in the draw
Every each all thing rises, falls and levels as all

We are a yesterday bread to give away
We are a today bread for freshly sale
We are a tomorrow bread prepared today
On the reason of our hungriness of everyday

This game is originally written
This game is professionally hidden
It's economically upgraded and fair
It's Geo-politically the latest and everywhere
On and off, in and out, middle and edges, here and there

This breeze is a well-balanced of vitamin and poison
This breeze is an equal-mixed of deadly gas and oxygen
This need is essentially and regularly breathed in
This meat is too energetic and tasteful to throw
This meat is too problematic cholesterol to swallow
This need is unfix-able and unthinkable just to know

He who has blogged hard is blocked
She who has talked much is hot
He who has lost love is God
In the facebook that we've got
Maybe, God is a Steve Job
Maybe, we are hacker without a job
Hey, there's a dead Julian Assange on the WikiLeaks cross
We're now unclear i is with the dot or t is with the cross

Oh shit!!! there is only two options available
Hey, we need more than two and make a spare
WTF, you can only make a "SHARE" or hit the "LIKE"
There is no "DISLIKE" even if you don't like
Are we too good to hate another?
Are we too pessimistic to each other?
This isn't democratically done democratic choice
But don't worry your voices will be heard
But we'll control and edit your words
Your earth is earth-widely locked up

What you stole is my fake I.D
What you know is my fake IP
The fake takes a front page of library
The fake makes a stunt race of IT
This age of without a privacy

Build an era by art-craters
Erase an error by  dust-eraser
Racing own scratches
Scratching own races
This internet cafe opened 24 hours
This internet race's on forever

Play for a life time
Play for a lifelines
Use your own mind
Use your own eyes
Not about lost or win
Buddy, you are in
Automatically in
Undeniably in
Unpredictably in
Non-prescriptively in
In this PlayStation

Hey you,
Getting old on own opinions?
Getting bored on own program-me?
No, your best never come yet
Sorry, you've run out of breaths!!!

A'karikz Yannaing
The Second Second