Sunday, January 27, 2013

Civil war smokes human cheroots with traditional hate marijuana

We collected $10 each from the whole village every year
It took 10 years and finally we built this church together

It's a nice hillside, quiet venue, sunrise and sunset equally daily touched
we value this church as our hearts. we are more united at uniting church

If  You are a religious, you need a religious site
To pray, to worship, to confess and to share life.
Way of life, peaceful and simple like high-mountain-creeks
All believing own belief and creating together its own needs

We don't know how long it took to make a bomb
Or who made it or how much it cost or what is it for
But we know there must be a price for each thing arise

It's just 1 second the bomb hit the church while we are in and confess
It took 10 minutes the church burnt down and collapsed into ashes
3 children dead and concrete cross fallen over runaway grandma's head
We saw army plane in sky slowly disappeared and heading to south west

Money has been wrongly used for the ashes
People has been wrongly treated for the death
Is there anymore the left over conflicts
We can't exist the rest of life like this

The plane safely touch down to air-force compound
Our life shifting by barefoot tougher ground to ground
Christmas songs are unheard in this cold December
Refugee are not allowed to cross border by neighbor
The rebel groups regroup and power up to encounter
Over Kachin Hills, there's smoke or clouds unclear
Sinner makes sin forever!

A'karikz Yannaing