Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As the shadow of its own blood and spirit,
The waving artistic portrait of blue water exits.
Greatly breathe at the palace of entire Time!
Making peace on the face of its own mind!
The ocean with surreal mysterious smiles!

With the art of patience and forgiveness,
She handles all the shits of this whole world.
With the cards of desire, deceit and happiness,
She gambles all the gifts from this cold war.
Ocean proud of herself and always stand tall.

To her body as the recycle factory,
All things end up there automatically.
All the rubbish of everything,              
All the habits of human being,                          
All the loss of history,                      
All the worst of memory,                      
All the lives of world color,                    
All the types of world culture,                              
All the art of net-harmony,                          
All the work of web-unity,                   
All the experiences of maturity,                     
All the existence of temporary,
All the best of dates and earth,
All the deaths of hate and love,
All arrives via rivers and sea,                  
At the funeral of rivers and sea!          
Welcome to recycle machine!

Ocean places herself under the sunshine.
Let all the water boil by time to time.
Recycle it into vapor and send them to sky.
As her regular gifts, she does it all the time.
It's her immortal kindness shining like her smiles!

She tries to hide her strongest pain under the water.
She tries to fight her longest game under the pressure.
Nothing is perfect but she is one of the best.
Sometimes she's out of mind and going mad.

Her kindness has gone to the sky not long ago.
Her mindless anger is timelessly out of control.
Ocean wild waves against each other hit and roll.

Now, at the very best home of ocean,
The deadliest storm was programmed.
At the highest level of strong wrath and long nightmares,
The tides have traveled to destroy everything in everywhere.

Tide has no kindness.
Thunder storm is merciless.
Tempest of mad ocean is like the ugliest dead poem!

A'karikz Yannaing