Wednesday, August 31, 2011


i won't take over your whole world
i won't let you invade mine at all
i don't hate you whenever i rise or fall

we,all are alike here to survive
we,all want to guide our own rights
we,all like to obey our own choice

you might want the thing that i want
you might hunt the fray that i hunt
lets build some space that empty and blank

lets drink before the strong beer goes flat
lets think before the wrong answers go ahead
but we must have to use each others' respect

my mind can read your intrinsic value
your eyes can see my organic view
we should realize more than we knew

even if you have to cooperate in my geo-politic,
even if i have to participate in your eco-politic,
the balance must be the right balance

would you trust or would you doubt
we,all are on the balance-driven spinning earth

A'karikz Yannaing