Saturday, June 18, 2011


at the music cafe, i ordered a glass of music which is latest
but the waitress brought two and explain to me about that
'these are a glass of the right and the wrong
but they're already mixed before we step on this ground
your mind is a wave on this liquid
your life is the liquid in this glass of music
your glass is only decorative form on this earth
your earth is floating on this temporary universe
your are drunk by being creative
you are locked by your existance
it doesn't matter who compose your music
all we should do is forget unknown part and enjoy it
i am here also customer to listen my own music'
after that, the silence between us was so attractive
so i asked her 'shall we share, i mean it?'
then her smile was more attractive than the silence

four eyes photographed each other
two glasses touched for cheers
one love born or not unclear
because of so young and so whisper

A'karikz Yannaing