Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nightly Nightmare

by A'karikz Yannaing

Like pouring rain from entire sky
Touring my pain along the entire time
In the game of history chain and political lines
In the mind of freedom fighters

Fountain of sacrificed youth
On the mountain of truth-land
Battle for peace and adore the gun
Self-learning from own inside thoughts
High-speed maturities of ...ISM without a brand

1988, senior students against Junta
1996, junior students against Junta
2007, religious monks against Junta
Now and ever, Burma against Junta
Hunger of total freedom
Anger of people's demands
Army bullets hit students' head
Students' flag hit the whole nation
The nation hit the generations
The generations hit the future
People's victory is absolutely ours

Every nightmare of my everynight
Rasing my flag as high as I give a salute
Singing my anthem as nice as I build the truth
Shining my sun as bright as I light
Fighting my best as die-hard as I survive


A'karikz Yannaing


Anonymous said...

Fountain of sacrificed youth