Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Wild Dream

Hope [A Flickerin' One]
by Nge Lay

At times, I’d pretend
Like to believe myself
There’s always something in my hand,
But I wouldn’t hear a starting gun’s fired
Till a bomb’s set and the silence’s begun,
I just awake from a distant dream
In time to see what I’ve grabbed as I read
All the stars on every line in my palm,

Put a little smile on my face
When I failed to hide the worries
Burnin’ in my eyes, telling myself
No iota of fears, but my feet
Was ready to back away, and my faith
Just ran straight to surrender,
Forced myself to admit a defeat
Yet dared not to imagine to spend eternity in despair,
Tho’ deep down in my heart, I did wanna see
The future in a beautiful day.....

However, there’s one thing I’ve noticed
Years, many forests were disappeared
But here we’ve never learnt,
We loved wars, engaged many battles
Still failed to conquer one,
Even immortal ceased to exist,
Yet we’ve put many species out
Into extinction while dreaming a new creation,
Pushing every boundary in a journey to utopia
With a mind to enslave others,
It ain’t a habit that runs deep in our blood
But a desire to kill one another,
So now I’d wonder
It must be a privilege to be
An owner of the land
That’s never ours.....

H o p e