Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Wild Dream

A Victim of The Dark
- Nge Lay

Days in and days out...
Things were gettin’ clear about
What I’ve learnt and how did I acquire,
Now it’s time to stop my wonder
Although what’s done was done, in the end
For all I’ve ever prepared left me nothin’
When I wiped a slate clean, a new beginning
A manipulative dream and a wasted chance
Sat comfortably on the fence,

So I sighed,
Here’s come another decadence.....
There’s no regret for the things I’ve done,
It’s nothing to do with my pride, or it’s certainly not
An act of desire to save a life out of salvation,
I wished I’d never be forced to make
This harsh decision, after all
I laid down my gun as a price of freedom,
I found my pleasure,
These dreams gave me a new reason
For being an outsider, but night after night
I wondered and wandered, just wasted my times,
Exit! All I’d found here was
There’s no route to the alternative,
It’s a journey of a nocturnal trip
Although my mind remained fresh
And my eyes were glowing
That’s so bright in the state of bliss,
I took my step
Deep into “the night”, surrounded by darkness
That’s so hard to expose
As the law’s lost its power to impose,
But at the end of my sight,
I’d see my soul
Turning away from the moonlight
And sat in quiet
Before silent exploded
In a lonely corner of the night.....
Far away,
Far from every living, every dream
That’s turned a nightmare and the seasons that’d bring
A message (encoded) in the fresh air, a reason why
I was so tired living with growing fears, it wasn’t sacred,
Yet still I’ve kept my faith and ready to believe
There must be a place, a place
We’d all share, without power
To impose on one and another,
A place we’d all live together
Where we wouldn’t have to sacrifice
And never something to divide,
Thou’ there were prices still tagged
For peace and for freedom.....
As thou’ it’s an another nature, in fact
It’s just a same old fear like every passion meets
A new world of desire, please
Let me ask you a favour
Before this nightmare’s controlled all my senses,
Would you leave me alone
In this world of decadence?
Cos’ at times,
I’d need to rearrange my dream and check out
Any internal damage in my heart, chances are hard,
But I may survive in the night, outside this life for so long
As though I’d feel that many times I’ve been,
A victim of the dark.....

[ August 14, 1999 ]