Friday, May 15, 2009



We express many different cultures of real expressions
We speak many different tribe-accents and language
We eat many different types of food and knowledge
We share many different unimaginable bitter stories
We care about many different individual flickered families
But we only have one same blood
We are the people of Burma!

You only dress one color of military uniform
You only sing one ready-made military song
You only speak army code and military term
You only eat rationed foods and army rum
You only share your battle and your duty
You only care about your life and your family
But you all have one same blood
You are the army of Junta!

We are united as universally red as our blood
We march waves after waves constantly and endlessly
We are brave and ready to face your emotionless cruel authority
We will sacrifice and we will definitely gain our glorious true victory!

By the way,
Don’t forget, your blood is always same as mine
Don’t forget, your bullet could hit your own child
Don’t forget, this is transitional history of our time
Don’t forget, this is transactional morality of our mind

Let this world judge buddy!

[This Poem Is Every Minutely Dedicated To Every Single Nationality Of Burma
And Every Single Soldier Of Union Of Myanmar!!!]

A’karikz Yannaing