Sunday, November 4, 2007

Vigorous Tide Is Rising

The same old brand new national pain
Wild, weighty and wry,
I compress it hard into my tiny heavy heart
This march must march on!

The same old brand new state funeral
Desperate, hateful and horrific,
I hurtfully handle with my immature maturity
This struggle must take smatter strategies!

The same old brand new generational duty
Strong history, long journey and stronger unities
I seriously salute to those who sacrificed in reality
This revolution must gloriously win the exact victory!

Burma! Wake up! Advance up!
Nothing worse than religion's been raped
Nothing worse than intense value's invaded
Shake your fists and keep against this dictatorship

This conflict must positively end by the truth
You are the truth! You are the one! You are absolute freedom!
To blow the old away and to store the freedom
Tempest of blood has strongly begun!

A'karikz Yannaing

Copyright ©2007 A'karikz Yannaing