Monday, November 5, 2007

Self-portrait Of An Emptiness

you don't need the lights in this galaxy
you are a black star

you don't need to be bright among jewelleries
you are a dead pearl

you don't need a cipher to me
you are already a misery

you don't need compass
because your journey is non-direction

you don't need demand
because your desire is non-satisfaction

you don't need a place
because your base is non-centred

you don't even need to be brave
because your enemies have no reason to face

you don't even need to speak in any languages
because every each thing is deaf and dead

you are all i have learnt
but i never passed exam
I'll peel off the skin of your mirror
to make sure that i am not yours!

A'karikz Yannaing

Copyright ©2007 A'karikz Yannaing