Monday, November 12, 2007

ဆံုဆည္းရာသုိ ့ေပးစာ

Dear Soneseayar,

I'm a high rank Burmese medical officer working in Jamaica. If possible, please put my following advice in your web page to help my mother land.
Reason : Everything SPDC's doing now is to persuade China and/or Russia to use veto in next security council meeting. Once either one uses veto, Than Shwe will show his true colour again.
Topic : Any democracy in UN?
UN security is formed by five permanent members and ten rotatory members. However, whenever it is necessary to make an important decision it's only rely on the wish of those five permanent members. The worst is if anyone of them uses veto the rest all have to throw away the plan whatever it is. I'm not criticizing UN policy but I simply wonder why dictatorship is practicing in a world leading organization like UN. It gives an outlet to dictator like Burmese military Junta. I strongly suggest to make decision on voting in stead of using veto when UNSC makes a final resolution on Burma.
Objective : As a preventive measure for 99.99% probable use of veto by either China or Russia.
Please release it to all medias in a proper translation.

With regards,

Dr. Forbes