Saturday, October 6, 2007

They must get life lesson.

"Those Beast Junta and their relatives are very proud and think of themselves very high. They are the only prestigious class and human. They can do whatever they like. They can insult anybody. Thery are the only people above the law. They always saying Sit Myo. We must make them Khway Myo (Dog relative) to the world. They must get life lesson."

"Hi PP:
It is an excellent idea. It will take sometimes, but like a Jigsaw puzzale it will come up with a nice picture.
Regime's relatives and family members, including USDA thugs need to be recorded like Nazi war criminals.
We need some money to get insight infor from closest friends of SPDC inner circle to bribe or to persuade so we can collect entire family tree. Let's do it."