Saturday, October 6, 2007

Silent Protest on Red Campus

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At midnights, the military officers and polices raid houses

“Old lady! Where is your son? If you lie, your life will be ruined in.”

The lady keeps quite and says slowly and clearly

“I don’t have words for evils. So, get out of my house.”

The dark is coming and troops are walking on the streets.

But “Silent Protests’ are everywhere.

They are praying for detainees and decide to defy on the military regime.

Oh..You can see !

Curse to Burmese regime are spreading among freedom lovers and striking to brutal government.

Oh… You can see !

The generals are afraid of even with their shadows themselves as they have realized how much they committed brutal repression and crimes on their people.

In the river, the dead monk body is floating and many people are still hearing scream from monasteries and interrogation centers.

“This is not only freedom movement but religious War. We have to protect our religious, Buddhism.”
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On Friday , students from Upstate New York will launch “ Silent Campus Day” to honor heroes of Buddhist monks and people from Burma .
The Burmese military must know how the world stands with Burma and how much international communities support to Burma Democracy Movement.
Please wear “Red Color” and bring “ A Red Rose”.
We will meet you near Flag pole.
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Contact :
Professor Boaz / Aung Moe Win / Federick
585-395-5671 / 585-957-6452 / 585-739-1318


michael said...

The world has its eyes on burma, the question is what can and will the united nations do?

Best Wishes MIC