Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miss Citra

I've announced I write her name on immortal essential air
Like God's declared he creates everything in everywhere
As religious history from beginning to eternity without despair
She's always there like good and evil entirely, oppositely paired

Do not thank to me,
When you receive the tuned-rhymes of her melody
When you breathe the mooned-shine of her beauty
When you read the zoomed-smile of her sympathy
Do not thank to me,

Just thanks to her embraceable heart and non-creative originality
Her name is Citra on air by Frequency Modulations for musicology
I am an emptiness and the never born one sided immoral romance
Because she wants me to have meaninglessness and non-existence

You have killed me before I was born in reality
Our abolished love will reincarnate in eternity
As you've found it out in your heart what that love is
As we both know we do not need to how true that is
Let's...together... Fuck It
Fuck It right away
Fuck it as loveless-heart as, as fucked up as we've both failed!!!

A'karikz Yannaing