Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Fallen seed is to grow a new life
Fallen tree is to go to the other side
Forest of human being---
Is that ever green?

Even we can not plant a single tree yet
We must stop bush-fire not to go ahead
= Bush-fire of hate, conflicts and wrath!
= A tree of peace, kisses and love!

Breathe the needed oxygen in air of melody
No human has to pay tax or fee for breathing
Forest music of existence's unwritten song
But it can be heard, played and sung along
Existing under the tree-shades of humanity
From roots to leaves, all itself is another single tree
In this forest of humanity that meant to be so green
Somebody is someone of this coexisting community
No one is meant to be in or cancelled by democracy

No provable answers or no one belongs to forest
We the human trees are unreasonably planted
Never let your life chop down and be exported
Keep standing, breathing, dancing, singing and be fresh
The ever-green-human-forest is now on the self-threats

Try to reduce your selfish ego and personal greed
All we need is happiness, healthiness and peace
Let the tree sing and the human dream of the being
In this forest melody that originally and purely green
Save yourself as tree; Save your forest as human being!!!

A'karikz Yannaing