Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Snap-thought of the Self-thoughts

Coming like running data-s in computer
I let you stay but you've run away so far
You never stand for yourself as your are
Taking good care of me but as instructor

I didn't invite but you've arrived with surprise
Have operated my life, have decorated my rights
Have commanded me when I was in D.T.E fight
I didn't like your useless non-practical ideologies
But you've painted me with it and declared it's my ID
What I've got was losing my innocence and originality

I did let you guide my worthless lights in my longest struggle
You've dumped me into the darkest night in the toughest battle
I was wounded and evacuated myself for your own survival
Unbounded my head, defensed my best for your flag and title

I've imported some thoughts from foreign
Like as you've traveled to oversea brain
Life's not just one day, one theory or one game
I've never dammed blood from someone's vein

You've come to undertake my educated pain
You've learned to upgrade my liberated brain
I was unpaid and even self-critically blamed
we haven't failed nor won we've entertained

Dear Thoughts,
I must prevail myself in my self-made system
Like you've failed yourself in your own wisdom

Stop controlling me, I've now lost your key
Every thoughts should be unlocked and free
I know working without you is not easy
I just don't need your bureaucracy!!!

A'karikz Yannaing