Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reason Of Flight

I know the sky is so high and unable to touch
But in this life I can only have one way to fly up
Why I climb is because I can not dig into the earth
I'm an earth-born to fly but one day I need to reverse

From mountain-tops to valley-streams
From desert-plains to surface of seas
From river-starts to endless ocean-tides
From the tiniest dirt to the universe-wide
I'm the bird, the plane, the wings, the wind, the breeze
I am in everywhere you are going to need and meet
So breathe in oxygen amount only you would need

When I look straight front, things I see are countably touchable
When I look range aside, things I see are countably touchable
When I look down beneath, things I see are countably touchable
When I look up open space, things I see are uncountably untouchable
Why do I have a dream to fly around them and think they are playable
Is that right or stupid my wills to escape that I could never create it
Is that light or bullshit my way to freedom that I could never make it
But this human existence is only for a temporary life imprisonment

The wings must fly around but only beneath the sky
The bird must undeniably return to earth and finally die
How far the flight traveled on, wing-beats are unprintable 
How high the flight reached at, footprints are invisible
But there are forces and strengths that are incredible

Birds strike of the wings is the rampage-face
Dark side of the wind is the tempest-rage
Last high of the dream is the bottom base
Last fight of the man is the entombed grave
What build up must be totally erased down
Before, now and then forever to the ground
The strongest humanity is up in the sky high
The longest cemetery is on earth for a new life
Rely on theories that always right but deny it except
There are some planes never came home for deaths

I rise so high
I fly so far away
I climb up so quick
Reason of flight I am unable to dig!!!

A'karikz Yannaing