Friday, January 27, 2012

God, I Doubt You In Advance!

Let's be negatively kiss
In this born again conflicts

I was born on the front page of
long-lasting civil war older than my age
I hold my bullet and write my name
With the color reddish original pain
In the name of wrong description
In the game of long written 
Undone duty on my innocent shoulder
Why do I have to be a problem-solver
Why do I have to be a problem-maker

Let's deceitfully speak
In this born again peace

The real answers are not there
The real gamblers are not fair
I am getting old in life and existence
I am getting bored of fight and conflicts
I am corrected by lies
I forward ahead by times
Why do I have to take the wise breathe
Why do I have to brake the high speed
Is this the true peace that I need

I wanna die in peace of mind
Those time never comes
Those sunshine never land

God, You never make it clear
You always create a fear
The fear within my future
That you yourself not even sure!!!

A'karikz Yannaing