Thursday, October 21, 2010


After accidentially arrived, automactically breathe in breathe out
Because the reason why no one can find and no one can deny
Constantly civilized, collidedly collapsed, community bus without community
Dealing with the Dos and the Don'ts dramatically, derivatively, dissociatively
Exclucisively, inclusively, emotionally, illusively exists
Furiously free from fear, fate and faith never and ever
Gravity won't let it free, it's locked in the lock with the key
Hope hopes hope, hope never feed up with hope, forlorn hope
It's written, it's hidden,it's skipping with intrinsic individuality
Joint hate, joint love, joint joy, joint jealousy join all together
Kindergarden to cemetery gate, no footprints left and no one intellectualed
Left-wings, right-wings, liberal-middle-fingers-wing, fucked up political policy
Nothing after no after never after nor after nothing nullistically
Obey order disorderly, offeded the offer obsoletely with own vision
Philosophical conflicts, political conflict progressively engaged in the parliament
Quotation and quote-maker, motto and code breaker, revolutions are required
Rock will never die theory is not always right but struggle and survived
Systematically set up, surrealistically broke up, souls are sold, say as it's told
Traditional theory, transformed theory, tacticful theory are based on thoughts
Universal-truth itself fallen into confusion and false
Victory doesn't always hold the power, volcano invades the sky
World with wars, war with divided words of wisdom and gods
X-files after X-files, life-line after life-line, black boxes are never found
Your time run out at zero hour, head up into the dark with permanent-visa
Zoom in/ Zoom out, view clear/view disappeared, now get the F--- out of here

every lauguage lives and every language dies
in this f---ing meaningless book of space & time!!!

A'karikz Yannaing