Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sailor Without Shore/Corpse Without Coffin

A'karikz Yannaing

They maybe in north-pole; they maybe in south-pole;
They maybe in Alaska; they maybe in Atlanta;
They maybe in Pacific-North; they maybe in New York;
They maybe in Downunder; they maybe around Havana;
They maybe in the Middle-East; they maybe in the Southern-Deep;
They maybe in S-American beach-line; they maybe in African coast-line;
They may in the gulf of Europe or Asia; they maybe in Sydney harbor;
They maybe around the local water; they maybe in international water;
Whenever they leave, whatever they do, wherever they go,
Every ship knows where they go.
Every ship has their' own shore.
Every sailor has a beach they love.
Every sailor has a compass in their heart.

Between one enormous wave and another,
Any ship could capsize and collapse into disaster.
Between one killer storm and another,
Any trip could lose destination and disappear.
Whenever and whatever comes up in the future,
The ship never runs away from the water.
The sailor never runs away from the weather.
Sailing is not promoting the grace in the palace.
Life is decorating cemetery in the land of the grave.
Existence is surfing around the ocean of the brave.

Sailor brought a fine chocolate for grandma.
Sailor brought a new lap-top for the daughter.
Sailor brought some money for the mother.
Sailor brought some knowledge for brothers.
Sailor brought the latest car for the family.
Sailor brought the latest news for societies.

Cyclone Nargis has stepped over extremely strong,
While sailor's approaching to mother-shore and town.
All we see now is sailor-corpses are floating around!

There isn't yet a lighthouse for sailors in Burma.
How could they get home and be stable in future?
Just light your heart up and fight for rights together!!!

[Note- A very special thanks to The Waifs for creating "Sad Sailor Song".
I've been listening your song a hundreds times during making this poem!]

A'karikz Yannaing