Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Revolution River

under the full moonlight
wild wide river running slide
there's temporary guerrilla camp

on the bushy river bank
a medic's busy at the clinic
the student warrior's ready to give

BIRTH-the accidental art of two lovers
THE BABY-the original part of new-comer
dear the great freedom fighter,

tonight, you become my father, she as mother
i know you've died at the front line
now she looks at me with tearful eyes

she cheers me up with painful smile
she gives you historic respectful salute
she promises you to keep fight for the truth

she said to me that "you must travel, you must struggle"
dad, no funeral for you yet, no birth ceremony for me yet
the river must flow ahead until we're completely liberated
i will.
(Dedicated to all fighter of ALL BURMA STUDENTS' DEMOCRATIC FRONT)

A'Karikz Yannaing

Copyright ©2007 A'Karikz Yannaing