Saturday, October 6, 2007

စစ္ေခြးမ်ားမွပစ္ခတ္မွဳေႀကာင့္ ...ရန္ကုန္ေဆးရံုႀကီးတြင္ဤသို႕ျမင္သိေႀကာင္း...

ရန္ကုန္ေဆးရံုႀကီးသို႕ယခုရက္မ်ားအတြင္း ေရာက္ရွိေနႀကေသာလူနာမ်ား

ဓမၼေတးကို ေသြးျဖင့္သီက်ဴးခဲ့ရသည္။

photo by soneseayar (ဆံုဆည္းရာ)


JingHpaw Brang said...

He too has loved ones.
He too wants the right to a bowl of rice and live in peace.
He was bludgeon to death by the military thugs.
Being a monk and belonging to the most venerated group of people in the deeply religious Buddhist country provides this poor monk with no protection form the savagery.

The military regime should be taken down.