Sunday, September 30, 2007

If we lose this time And we will lose our lives Under Burmese Regime


khin myo said...

so what should we do not to loose??

i think the only way to do not to loose is to fight back. coz i don't have much hope in gambari's visit. maybe because i've become so pessimistic! but how can we be optimistic with thugs like them???

non-violence never work with thugs like them who are not compassionate and who thinks only for not loosing their power. they even dare to kill & torture the monks. so what would they be afraid of??

only of loosing their power and life! so we should do everything which threatens their power and live, and that's the only way which would work with cruel thugs like them!!!

i'm wondering what ABSDF is doing ...

si1ver said...

The only way for this to work this time is TO FIGHT BACK . This animal power craze regime will stop at nothing to stay in power . With all due respect the animals will not barge for the peaceful demonstration. One good way is to brake up their army . If they are united people will lose because they have all the power and fire arm. WE NEED TO BRAKE THEM UP .Divide and conquer method will works they best persuade the some part of the army to back up the people and slowly more and more army will join the peoples freedom fight. REMEBER ONLY A HANDFULL OF TOP RANKING ARMY ANIMALS ARE IN LUXURY POSITION AND THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN THE ARMY ARE SUFFERING AS WELL. It will not take long for the army to turn their back on their animal leaders. THIS is the only way to work. USA is too busy with oil craving therefore they will not do anything expect some sanction here and there. UN is the puppet as everyone knows. REAL Freedom will not come without a FIGHT. BREAK THEM UP AND PEOPLE WILL SURELY WIN WITH GOD WILLING.

Birma Journalist said...

All over the world (also our Goverment) we must fight against the Junta in Burma.
BURMA MUST BE FREE! Journalist from Switzerland