Friday, September 28, 2007


ပိုမိုၾကည့္႐ႈရန္- (Read more...)

Information on the protests is getting out due to ordinary Burmese taking photos of the protests and reporting on events as they unfold.
The regime crushed a pro-democracy movement in 1988, killing at least 3,000 people.
Two Buddhist moks chant prayers outside the Sule Pagoda, remaining defiant despite the pre-dawn raids on rebellious monasteries.
The protestors ran for safety. Riot police arrested at least 100 people.


Tony said...

Just a suggestion from a Myanmar living in the US. We can not see the article in Burmese because you use zawgyi one Burmese font. Not only your site, the other informative site, such as Burma Digest etc. We can not read it. We can only see the pictures. Even though, we download the zawgyi one font, it did not work. We still can not see the news. To be more efficient and easier for Myanmar living abroad, please use Win Myanmar font.

Knight said...

1. Download the fonts to c:\windows\fonts.

2. Go to the control pannel and open fonnts.

it should be ok.

brain said...

....and then re-start your browser. I had to do this in Firefox.