Friday, September 28, 2007

စက္တင္ဘာ ၂၈ ရက္ ၂၀၀၇

ျပည္မွ ရန္ကုန္သို႔ ဆင္းသြားသည့္ တပ္မ ၆၆ ေျမာက္ဥကၠလာတြင္ လူထုနဲ႔ ေပါင္းလိုက္ၿပီဟု သိရွိရၿပီး စစ္တပ္အခ်င္းခ်င္း ပစ္ခတ္မႈမ်ား ျဖစ္ေပၚေနဟု သတင္မ်ားထြက္ရွိေနသည္။



shivaeye said...

dear soldiers and policemen of the burmese military regime,

you are checking these site in order to check out and look for "dissidents"
.... chasing them?
....but why?
you really have thought about what you are doing here?
do you think things going right.... for you, your country, your people?
don't you think it could be better?
all these demonstrators in your country doesn't matter they could be killed
by you, soldier.
they have become free of fear only to fight for a better future of all
others, their children, their family and friends.
what's about your family and friends. don't they earn a better future?
policeman, loose your fear, support your people.

... you could be the person
... who changes the situation...
... who moves for food, peace and better life for all of you.

you really think it's a good way to beat monks, praying in their monastaries?
you are supporting a hand full of men, living in wealth,
repressing you and the people in your country.
... take the chance, there are more supporters around you than you think right now.
my best wishes for your peacefully future in freedom.